Telecom & Cable Issues

Telecom & Cable

FCC Rulemaking and Issues
TCCFUI actively monitors the Federal Communications Commission and opposes FCC efforts to restrict city franchising rights or limit the use of PEG fees paid by cable providers. TCCFUI files written comments at the FCC to protect and maintain city prerogatives and revenue streams. TCCFUI challenged the FCC’s attempt to pre-empt local zoning authority on wireless antenna siting.

Federal Legislation
Unlike other Texas-based municipal coalitions, TCCFUI advocates for city interests at the federal level. TCCFUI is active in monitoring and commenting on various pieces of legislation in the U.S. Congress that potentially impact cities’ rights to receive proper franchise fees, rights-of-way fees and cities’ regulatory authority over electric, telecommunications and cable providers. Future issues could impact city interests in utility, public safety and internet tax matters. TCCFUI’s federal advocacy is done in coordination with other national organizations.

PUC Participation
TCCFUI has been actively involved in monitoring and filing comments when appropriate, in various Public Utility Commission of Texas proceedings as they interpret either SB5 or Chapter 283 concerning telecommunication access line fees. Should this activity increase, TCCFUI will be active in providing information to both the legislature and to the Public Utility Commission on these issues.

Participation in National Telecom Initiatives
TCCFUI has provided technical assistance in delivering city messages on telecommunications issues to Members of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. TCCFUI delivers breaking news on what is happening in Congress and at the FCC on a real-time basis to member cities. TCCFUI will continue its participation at this level to ensure that Texas cities’ interests are represented.