TCCFUI is a coalition of more than 50 Texas municipalities dedicated to protecting and supporting the interests of the citizens and cities of Texas with regard to utility issues. The Coalition is comprised of large municipalities and rural villages. TCCFUI monitors the activities of the United States Congress, the Texas Legislature, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission on utility issues of importance to cities.

Our Purpose

  • To provide representation for member cities at all venues where cities have a
    vested interest in utility issues;
  •  To educate the staff of member cities;
  • To participate in, and influence the results of legal, legislative and regulatory activity affecting the rights of cities with respect to utility and rights-of-way issues;
  • To develop model ordinances;
  • To provide technical assistance to the membership;
  • To establish an active role in the development of telecommunications policy at the Local, State and Federal level;
  • To provide other services as may be determined by the membership.

Our History

On February 16, 1996, over one hundred representatives of cities from the service areas of virtually every investor owned electric, gas, and telephone utility in Texas met in Austin.  Two weeks later, on March 1, 1996, a newly created Board of Directors met in Dallas, at Love Field. TCCFUI — originally known as Texas Coalition of Cities on Franchised Utility Issues (but now officially known as Texas Coalition of Cities For Utility Issues) — was formed. Its mission: to coordinate cities’ responses to changing developments in telecommunications and utility law.